Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Softball Throwing and Catching Drills - Triangle Catch and Throw

Purpose: Lets the fastpitch softball defense practice correct body position when catching and throwing, with emphasis on turning the feet and body to throw.

Procedure: Three players form a triangle. The player at the right-angle corner catches the ball from the thrower in proper receiving position. After catching the ball, the player focuses on turning the feet and shoulders toward the third player (target),who is to her right, and throws to her. The receiver catches the ball and puts it in a bucket. The thrower also has a bucket, from which she takes a ball to repeat the drill. When the thrower's bucket is empty, players rotate to new positions. If the player fielding and throwing is left-handed, the receiver is to her left so that the player fielding and throwing has to turn her body.

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